Prefilled Pods 

Prefilled pods are great . They are like disposables, but you get to keep the battery system and you pop in your and enjoy vaping in the simplest way possible!

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What are vape pods?


They have been an extraordinary turning point in the world of vaping, making their use more accessible to a more comfortable public with a smaller and more practical electronic cigarette model.

Vaping cartridge or Pod systems

We especially recommend them to people who want to quit smoking, since they are really simple devices for daily use. The concept is simple: it is an electronic cigarette system made up of a battery, normally from 450mah to 3000mah, always depending on the model, and an interchangeable cartridge that contains the e-liquid. They usually have a button to activate the puff or they have an automatic puff that activates itself at the moment of inhalation, some devices have both options so that you can adjust it to the puff that is most comfortable for you.

The Pod or tank

This is where the liquid is housed to consume in the electronic cigarette, in the use of electronic cigarette pods the association with nicotine salts has been normalized since the throat hit they have is superior to liquids with nicotine free. Although they can also be used with free nicotine liquids and lower nicotine concentrations, the option cannot be ruled out in any case. The vaping industry is developing more and more innovative vaping pods making cutting-edge designs as well as optimizing performance. The Pods are the electronic cigarettes not of the future but of the present.

Today's vape pods generally come in a small size, with a range of designs that cover almost any style that users of the devices may have. In addition, the production of steam is much more discreet than that of the other more powerful devices. The operation of the vaping pods is very simple, since they have ergonomic mouthpieces through which to puff in a very comfortable way. On the other hand, emphasizing comfort, the designs that are arriving in recent times are easily transportable, comfort that can be extended to operation, since they are truly intuitive devices.

Considered by many to more realistically mimic the feel and effects of smoking a cigarette, pod systems are both discreet and elegant devices that deliver the nicotine the ex-smoker needs. 

Its use is ideal for those smokers who want to quit smoking with very high success rates. In 2019, the British Health Service recommended its use as a method to quit smoking, based on a report by Kings College, in which they estimate that the chances of success of quitting tobacco with vaping compared to other methods such as patches, chewing gum ... are double.

For everything mentioned above, if you are a smoker, the pod electronic cigarette is the best method to achieve it and take this first step


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