Vape Tanks

 The atomizer is one of the essential components of a good vaper, as well as the clearomizer. Therefore, for you who have doubts about the different brands of vaper atomizers that exist, we give you the possibility to find the right atomizer model for your vaper brand. 

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Vape Tanks

We intend to offer you all brands and models of vaping atomizers, with the sole objective that you can find the cheapest atomizer for your vaper. And that is achieved by being in constant communication with the best manufacturers of vaping atomizers and clearomizers. And if you have questions that you are asking yourself about atomizers and atomizers for vapers, keep reading, because we surely have the answer.

What is a vape atomizer? 

The vaping atomizer is an important and fundamental part of an electronic cigarette or mod, and that you will identify it because it is a transparent cylinder that we can find, generally at the upper end of our vape, right between the mouthpiece and the battery. The atomizer is used to introduce our liquid, which will be activated once it passes through the resistance that heats it, producing the vapor that we inhale and expel... That said, it is what gives us the most pleasure.

What atomizer is best for vaping?

When we want to buy an atomizer, we want to make sure that it is the best, and with the huge variety of atomizers out there, you may need some help. And in this regard, at ZuloShishas we give you some basic recommendations on some points that you should keep in mind: Its materials: It is important that the material with which your atomizer has been made is capable of withstanding continuous contact with the liquid, and that it does not get dirty easily. Its power: If you want to get the most out of your vape, and the e-liquid you are using, power plays a fundamental role. So keep that in mind too.

Its capacity:

Depending on the capacity of your atomizer, you will have to recharge your favorite essences more or less frequently. Its dimensions: If you want them to take up little space in your shoulder bag, you will have to take into account if you like something smaller, or simply, you do not have the slightest problem for a product with more capacity.

Its assembly:

If you want to avoid tedious vapor or liquid leaks, you will have to give great importance to the fact that your vape and its atomizer are assembled with an optimal system.

What types of atomizers are there?

We could say that, initially, there are two main types of atomizers: commercial resistance atomizers or clearomizers, and repairable atomizers. Commercial resistance atomizers are those whose resistance is assembled, together with resistance and cotton. Depending on their ohms (and therefore, the type of puff you like best) we can find them type DTL (lung puff) or MTL (mouth lung) As for repairable atomizers, we can divide them into two large groups: RDA, or also called dripping or dry vaping atomizers), and RTAs, which are repairable tank atomizers.

What brands of atomizers do you recommend?

Atomizer brands are investing a lot in R+D+I, and therefore, in offering vaper and mod users the best possible experience. Therefore, it will depend a lot on whether you like a specific brand of vape more, or another. What we can tell you is that, at ZuloShishas we only work with brands of atomizers that offer a 100% quality guarantee. So, choose any of them: Vaporesso, Wismec, VapeBreed, Unicig or Smok... They will all seem like a great option.

What is better, atomizer or clearomizer?

Another of the questions that do not have a specific answer, and that depends a bit on the way your device works. Clearomizers work with commercial resistors, which can be traded in for the wear and tear they've had. However, an atomizer is much more customizable, since it allows us to "play" with its components. Therefore, it will depend on you and the type of vaper you are, and your degree of demand with the experience you want to achieve. Do you dare to use an atomizer?

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