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We all have a flavour preference when it comes to vaping. We make sure to provide all flavours of disposables for you to enjoy from sweets, chocolate flavours, cream , fruit flavours, drink and bevarage and tobbaco. Choose your favorite and enjoy 

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What Are The Best Disposables? 

A Good disposable is a safe , a non replica and a quality cotton soaked, with the best juice to provide the most amount of puffs to create the best experience of enjoying that product. Our Irish Vape Shop is always looking to stock you up with the best stuff out on the market whether its an Irish brand or a foreign Quality brand that offers more than just its scarcity. Take a Look at our huge Selection of disposables and find the one that suits you the best. We have deals and offers made especially for you so that we can provide disposables with the best price. Hunting for the disposable you always wanted with our help makes everything easier. 

The mechanics of a disposable vape

Disposable vapers operate in much the same way as a conventional vaper. The disposable vape is made up of a battery, a tank and a resistance. The resistance is inside the tank, which also houses the vaping liquid -or e-liquid-.

When the puff begins, the vape battery sends a current to the resistance, which causes it to heat up and allow the e-liquid to vaporize, and it is ready to be inhaled.

The main difference from conventional vaping kits is that disposable vapers do not require an initial setup. While conventional vape kits require a (re)charge and come with empty reservoirs that the user must refill, disposable pods come ready-to-use, with a charged battery and a full reservoir.

Although this means convenience and more immediate use, the design of the disposables prevents any refilling or refilling.

Now that we have given you all the necessary information about these disposable vaping devices... What are you waiting for to quit smoking?

That brands such as Halo, Dinner Lady or Elfbars, among others, present us with their renowned liquids in disposable vape format opens up a huge range of possibilities when choosing our favorite flavor without having to give up the comfort that these vaping devices offer. disposable give us.

To choose the disposable electronic cigarette that best suits your needs, you only have to choose the flavor that you like the most and the appropriate level of nicotine to start vaping and move away from traditional tobacco.

If you have already decided to try these disposable electronic cigarettes or any other type of vaping device, we remind you that in our online vaping store you will find everything you need to enter this world and get away from the problems that can come from smoking.

Our team is always ready to offer you all the information and help you need so that you can quit smoking in the easiest and most comfortable way possible. In this way, we offer you a personalized follow-up to see your progress and achieve the goal of quitting smoking.

What is a disposable vape?

The disposable vapers are the basic vaping devices, very practical and ideal to start vaping as a healthier option compared to the traditional cigarette.

The disposable pod or disposable vaper is a "use and throw" electronic cigarette that is relatively similar in size and shape to the typical cigarette. In addition, these single-use vapers come with their own nicotine salt E-liquid that will offer you a better vaping sensation and will quench your dependency if you have just quit smoking.

What experience do I need to use a disposable pod?
When you use a disposable pod, you won't have to worry about coil replacements, batteries, nicotine levels or PG/VG ratios, a disposable vaper offers us a much more convenient experience with similar vaping similarity to the of other products on the market.

A disposable electronic cigarette is always ready to be used, as soon as you take it out of the wrapper you can start vaping. Some find this to help recreate a familiar habit of smoking, another reason why this type of device is ideal for smoking cessation.


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